As a community of artists and worshippers, we believe that the presence of God is important for the health and growth of our community. We want to create an atmosphere of praise each week that leads people into God's presence in a way that they didn't know they could experience. We realize that we are not special in what we have to offer and we turn over the service to whatever God wants to do in the room. We want to cultivate an attitude of freedom and expression to God. In His presence we find healing, hope and renewal.

What is happening with LC MUSIC?

Life Compass Music has committed to musical and spiritual excellence. We are in the process of recording and releasing original worship songs that we feel God has given us for our church and this community. These songs are recorded at the newly installed Life Compass Studio. It is our passion to share the music and truth God has given us with the world around us.

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Get Involved

Because we believe community is important particularly among artists, we welcome anyone to come share in creativity and expression. To get more involved connect with Nathan Lain or Beto Silva.